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general Board


Iza pigan


Founder of Women in Forest Association.

She is forest district manager of Bielsko District. Has PhD which made on Forest Research  Institute.

In private: mother of 2+2 kids, big fan of swimming,biodynamic planting and book lover





Dorota Bogdańska


She works in Regional Directory of State Forest in Zielona Góra. In WiF is from 2010. She is a member of other womens’ organizations. 

She has hobbies like climbing and useage of wild plants in cooking and home made cosmetics and candels.

Ania Strus

Ania Struś- Płociszko


Forester and economist. She work in Regional Directory of State Forest in Katowice. In WiA from the beginning. She takes care of all finances in association. 

Kasia Kuruc

Kasia Kuruc


Forester. She works in Forest District in mountain region where is responsible of marketing.

In private mother of 2 kids. Her hobby is eurotrips. She is books lover, fan of fast driving, skating, kayaking and rafting.  

audit committee


Magda Lisiecka- Ozimińska

Ania Kostrz

Ania Kostrz

Basia góralska

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